Let Strivings Cease

some beautiful thoughts from my friend about our dreams and God’s plan. love you em! ❤

Emily Ann Dodson

According to personality tests, I am a dreamy idealist whose head is typically in the clouds. I see opportunity and inspiration everywhere and am driven by abundant creativity and feeling. Yet, your greatest strength is often your greatest weakness, and my heart has seen so much conviction on this, that I can fully attest to the truth of that statement.
With a mind that wanders so much into the ideal, I am so fixated on the future, that I forget to be content in the present. When I allow myself to become far-sighted, my vision of God’s purpose for my life becomes blurred. I have encountered the glory of God, and have experienced His relentless love, yet I find my hands are clenched so tightly around what I want my life to look like. In Mark 9:24, a boy, possessed by a demon, was brought by his father to Jesus…

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