Too Cool for School, Too School for Cool

Sharing my friend Kayla’s thoughts about something called “academic faithfulness” because it’s relevant and important and something more people (including me) need to think about.

in the meantime

I’ve been spending the last year trying to figure out what it’s like to be a Christian college student. But in this impassioned journey I lost the word student. And then one day, at this little thing called Jubilee, my spine stiffened, eyes widened, and hands began sweating even more than their usual drippage (see: hyperhidrosis) at the most outrageous thing young Kayla had ever heard: God cares about school.

It is probably accurate to say that I’ve spent my whole life floating between two beloved mottos of our generation: I’m either decidedly and enthusiastically too cool for school or too school for cool. Ever since schoolwork moved beyond coloring and dioramas (rip our diorama days), I flip back and forth between not caring about school or wanting really badly to be one of those devoted students who has all their work done not just an hour before it’s due…

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